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    Governor Submitted 2018 LKPD to BPK


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil submitted the Regional Government Financial Report (LKPD) in 2018 to the Indonesian Audit Board (BPK) of the West Java Representative on Thursday (3/28/19).

    The data presented is a report on the development of financial management in West Java. According to Emil, the Governor's greeting, the data is in accordance with government accounting standards.

    "The data that we present is in accordance with government accounting standards. I hope that in its examination the percentage will continue to improve," said Emil at the West Java BPK Office, Mochamad Toha Street, Bandung City.

    The scope of the examination at LKPD 2018 is, the budget realization report, the report on changes in the excess budget, the balance sheet, operational reports, cash flow statements, changes in equity reports, and notes to financial statements.

    Emil said, there are many new dynamics in the current government including financial management. According to him, Budget Expenditure (APBD) funds are only able to finance 10 percent of development. Even though in theory there are seven sources of funds that can be utilized by regional heads, namely the State Budget, Provincial APBD, Regency / city APBD, bank loans, Cooperation between the Government and Business Entities (PPP), foreign grants, and community funds.

    "The financial resources that we are pursuing are part of the way to build West Java because we do not only rely on the Regional Budget, which is only able to finance 10 percent. Of course, we will hold our finances accountable and report to the BPK," he explained.

    After receiving the LKPD file, the Head of the Republic of Indonesia BPK West Java Representative Arman Syifa said that the annual financial audit was an effort by the BPK to perfect financial reports as a form of responsibility to the public.

    "This is also our obligation to carry out inspections," Arman said.

    The targets of the report examined include the fairness of presenting account balances in the balance sheet as of December 31, 2018, the fairness of presenting account balances in operational reports (LO), changes in equity (LPE) and LPSAI 2018, adequacy of financial information disclosures in the notes to financial statements (CaLK) , and compliance with laws and regulations related to regional financial management.

    Examination will be carried out within the next 60 days which will be divided into 30 days field checks and 30 days report preparation.

    "In accordance with the regulations, we will submit the results of this financial audit to the Parliament," Amran said. (*)

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