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    Conveying Aspirations, Bappeda Invites Citizens to Take advantage of Warna Jabar Applications


    BANDUNG - Head of the Regional Development Planning and Evaluation Division of the West Java Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Yuke Mauliani Septina invited the public to express their aspirations through the application of Warna Jabar which was recently launched by the West Java Provincial Government.
    According to him, input from citizens is very important to improve the performance of the West Java Provincial Government in public services. "It is hoped that the community can immediately access the application, because we also need any information that is planned. So that it can be said that this application can bridge more intense communication with the community, "he said in the West Java program to Have Information in Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Thursday (03/28/19).
    Application of West Java Color or Residents of West Java Planning is a web application developed by Bappeda to absorb people's ideas, ideas, concepts and aspirations regarding development. This application is an upgrade from SMS Jabar Build. The application can be accessed at the address http://www.bappeda.jabarprov.go.id/warnajabar.
    In addition to being free to give their thoughts, residents will also be asked their opinions regarding road infrastructure, clean water services, high school / vocational education, and the desired public space. "There aren't many questions for the community. It must be simple, so there are only five questions, "he said.
    According to Yuke, this input from Warna Jabar can be used as a material for consideration by Bappeda in designing the Regional Government Development Plan (RPJMD) for the next five years.
    Yesterday, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil delivered the 2018 Accountability Statement (LKPj) which was the work of the 2013-2018 RPJMD. The 2013-2018 RPJMD was marked by the turnover of three regional heads. First Ahmad Heryawan - Deddy Mizwar as regional head elected in 2013, continued Moch Iriawan as acting, then Ridwan Kamil - Uu Ruzhanul Ulum as elected regional head 2018.

    According to Yuke, many things were collaborated from the three Regional Leaders so that the RPJMD targets and targets were reached. Many people hope in the West Java Provincial Government, both in terms of infrastructure, social and culture.
    "In essence all development is directed towards the welfare of the community. There are many things that people might get for welfare and other things, "he said.
    He continued, the next five years West Java must work hard to answer various challenges. Starting from education where the Governor wants a one-stop school from elementary, middle and high school / vocational schools in one area. Then in terms of health there is a Layad Nursing program.
    "So the poor do not need to think about the cost of thinking anything more. The medical team that comes to the patient, the referral must be taken to the hospital when we are ready to bring it, "he explained.
    Besides that, road infrastructure is also a quite heavy job. Because the Governor is targeting 100 percent of the smooth road within five years with better connectivity.

    "We will also continue the construction of the airport. Then there are also several major developments such as toll roads and ports. Hopefully this will happen 5 years, "Yuke said

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