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    Targeting a Halal Provincial Pioneer, West Java Forms a Halal Center Consortium


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil appealed to the public and business people before marketing their products to ensure that they have obtained halal certification. Moreover, West Java has now formed the Halal Center Consortium to accelerate and facilitate the management of halal certification.

    "So I appealed to the public and business people immediately before launching their products to the public. Make sure to get halal certification, if there is difficulty contacting this consortium to facilitate its facilities. Pasundan Bank Indoensia Jabar Representative Office, Tuesday (03/26/19).

    The declaration was a consortium's commitment to realize West Java as a pioneer of halal provinces in Indonesia. The consortium consists of observers, academics, researchers, legal actors or business units, halal study centers, halal inspection institutions and MUI.

    Emil - the Governor's greeting - hopes that with the consortium, services for halal product certification can be faster. So that the entire West Java community guarantees the products they consume are halal.

    "The whole community will be calm, safe and comfortable that the products are supported by the system and it is certain that the goods consumed and circulated are halal goods," he said.

    Emil said, today West Java is back a step further where it is now moving into a pilot province in Islamic civilization, especially regarding halal certification services.

    "Today one step forward is that West Java is moving to become a model in Islamic civilization," he said.

    According to him, this is important because West Java is a fairly high consumption society in Indonesia. He gave an example, cows from West Java alone could only provide 30 percent of the food needs of the entire community.

    "West Java is a consuming nation, West Java cattle are only 30 percent, I'm afraid people will use it, so all products circulating in Jabar must be halal-certified safe," Emil said.

    Halal itself is divided into substances and their properties, halal how to get them and halal how to process them. After signing the declaration, the consortium then carried out halal certification for hundreds of MSMEs.

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