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    Regional Secretary Requests Skill and Integrity of Civil Servant Investigators Enhanced


    BANDUNG - Representing the Governor of West Java, West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa opened the Synergy of Law Enforcement between the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and Civil Servant Investigators (PPNS) through Guidance, Enhancement of Police Investigator Capabilities and PPNS in 2019, at Aston Pasteur Hotel Bandung, Jalan Terusan Pasteur, Bandung, Wednesday (3/27/19) morning.

    Regional Secretary Iwa wants all PPNS investigators in the West Java Provincial Government to cooperate with the Indonesian National Police by promoting a code of ethics and prioritizing the interests of the nation, state, region and society.

    "Hold the principle of the presumption of innocence, prioritizing obligations rather than rights and indiscriminately and treating everyone equally before the law," he said.

    For this reason, the Regional Secretary hopes that this development activity can hone the abilities of PPNS investigators in a pro-judicial manner, or solely for the sake of law enforcement and applicable laws. So that justice, protection, order and legal certainty can run optimally.

    "I hope that after the completion of this training, all participants will be able to identify the authority as an investigator, be able to plan a judicial operation and be able to understand the investigation techniques starting from summons to submission of case files," he said.

    In line with the Regional Secretary, the West Java Regional Police Special Criminal Investigation Director (Dirreskrimsus), Police Commissioner Samudi, said that the activities held for the eighth time were a strategic effort to optimize the cooperative relations between the Indonesian National Police and PPNS. Guidance is also directed at building a common mindset and pattern of action in handling a case.

    It was stated, in the past two years, police and PPNS investigators in West Java had handled 32 cases of which 14 were still in the investigation phase.

    "Therefore, increase communication, coordination and cooperation, also improve skills and skills according to their respective fields," said Samudi.

    He reminded, in carrying out its duties PPNS must coordinate with the Satpol PP and the National Police Corruption Watch. Because functionally these two regional apparatus have the authority to enforce regulations and in this case the National Police is also one of the PPNS development units.

    The basis for PPNS in carrying out investigations is West Java Provincial Regulation Number 20 of 2011 concerning PPNS which was then followed up with West Java Governor Regulation Number 68 of 2013 concerning Implementation Guidelines for West Java Provincial Regulation Number 20 of 2011 concerning PPNS and West Java Governor Decree Number : 060 / kep.1640-satpol pp / 2014 concerning the Civil Servant Investigator Secretariat. (*)

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