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    West Java was named the Most Enchanting Province


    BANDUNG-West Java was named the most enchanting province in the Indonesian Local Charm program initiated by PT Adira Finance and iNewsTV in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.
    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil received this award in tourism at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (3/27/19) afternoon.
    "Alhamdulillah, we got the award as the most enchanting province because of our efforts to make West Java's tourism the best," said Emil, the Governor's greeting.
    According to him, the West Java Provincial Government opens space for all parties who want to love the culture of the country, such as those conducted by PT Adira Finance and iNewsTV in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.
    "We also continue to encourage cultural festivals so that people feel at home in West Java because the nature is beautiful, the culture is also rich and celebrated once a year to summarize the variety of uniqueness in West Java," said Emil.
    The governor said, West Java has a beautiful landscape and a diverse culture in each region. Naturally, if this year the West Java Provincial Government will beautify tourist destinations up to 30 points in various districts / cities.
    The hope is that people can see significant physical changes that will increase tourist visits while boosting the economy of the people.
    "This year more than 30 tourist destinations will be repaired. So that people can see extraordinary physical changes, the movement of tourism in West Java is increasing and continues to fascinate," Emil said.
    The Indonesian Local Charm organizer from PT Adira Finance Hafid Hadeli said, West Java deserves the most enchanting province because it has the potential of local wisdom and a very beautiful nature.
    "We chose West Java as a winner because indeed we see a lot of potential that is very beautiful and worth visiting, not only by local tourists but also overseas," he said.
    Hafid believes West Java tourism will progress and develop through the creative hands of Governor Ridwan Kamil. It will also continue to support the development of tourism and local culture in Indonesia. (*)

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