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    Emil Reviewed Computer-Based National Examination at SMKN 3 Bandung


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil monitored the implementation of the third day of the Computer-Based National Examination (UNBK) 2018/2019 in 3 Vocational High Schools in Bandung, on Jalan Solontongan (Buahbatu), Bandung, Wednesday (3/27/19) morning.

    The Governor ensured that the implementation of the high school / vocational high school UNBK throughout West Java had been going smoothly. According to him, from the annual statistics, West Java UNBK is very good even above the national average in terms of technical as well as graduates.

    "I see the implementation going smoothly. God willing, if you see the annual statistics are very good even above the national average in terms of implementation and graduates," said Emil, the governor's nickname.

    From outside the class using a black safari, Emil smiled while waving as a form of attention and moral support to the examinees. As soon as his face appears at the door, students who are aware of his arrival smile back before continuing to answer the exam questions.

    "My prayer is for students to be able to carry out the exam smoothly and be able to answer the questions well," he continued to reporters, giving motivation to the students.

    Although there are still reports of technical obstacles, especially in rural areas, according to Emil, the number is still small and so far the West Java Education Agency can still handle it. All students can still take the exam even at different hours or days according to the procedures set by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    From the data received by the governor, as many as 15 percent of all high schools / vocational schools carry out the exam in one session. As many as 37 percent in two sessions with the second session starting at 10:30 WIB, and about 48 percent conducting the exam in three sessions.

    "Sometimes because of computer-based problems, there are still electrical problems or technical issues. I think there will be a procedure for changing the exam at a time or day that is adjusted, whatever happens we find the best solution," Emil said.

    When reviewing UNBK at SMKN 3 Bandung, Emil did not find the slightest technical obstacle. The bandwidth network at the school located on the Selontongan road has a capacity of 220 Mbps.

    "If SMKN 3 is already stable, the network bandwidth is also 220 Mbps, which means it is more than enough to be accessed simultaneously," he said.

    Emil hopes, especially for SMK graduates, more and more will be absorbed by the business world. According to him, the West Java Education Agency in the first quarter of 2019 is reviewing the curriculum and statistics on vocational school graduates in the workforce.

    "I hope that SMK graduates will be absorbed by the business world, while in this quarter we are reviewing the curriculum," he said.

    Head of the West Java Education Agency Dewi Sartika said that schools that experienced technical problems in the implementation of UNBK this year were only three schools. With the number of students repeating the exam on the first day as many as 80 students and the second day as many as 14 students.

    "They continued to carry out the exam that day but the hour was postponed because of the obstacles, we will continue to improve this," Dewi said.

    At present, there are 323,504 students from the high school / vocational high schools in West Java participating in 2,813 schools. (*)

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