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    Ridwan Kamil Inaugurates West Java Tripartite LKS Management 2018-2021


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java confirmed the management of the Tripartite Cooperation Institution (LKS) of West Java Province 2018-2021 at the Horison Hotel, Jl. Pelajar Pejuang, Bandung City, Monday (3/25/19). Inauguration was assembled with the Tripartite LKS Coordination Meeting in West Java Province.

    This inauguration is based on the West Java Governor's Decree Number: 560 / Kep.712-Yanbangsos / 2018 regarding the West Java Province Tripartite Cooperation Institution Period 201-2021 which is set in Bandung, July 17 2018. This institution is chaired directly by the Governor of West Java.

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname, the Tripartite LKS must be a representation of industrial relations. That way, this institution can be a place where the government, industry, and laborers discuss together and deliberate on deciding something.

    "This Tripartite institution must be a representation of what is called industrial relations. Everything should be discussed because Indonesia is a Pancasila country," Emil said in his speech.

    "In the Fourth Sila (Pancasila), it was called deliberation and consensus. It was discussed first and then agreed. If it was agreed upon, there should not be many questions," he continued.

    Furthermore, Emil said that industry has an important role in economic development, including in reducing unemployment.

    "In economic theory there is no way to reduce the fastest unemployment except the industry. Because once a factory opens, there can be a thousand people working, so this industry is important," he said.

    However, on this occasion, Emil also stressed the industry needs to be aligned with the welfare of workers. For this reason, one of the efforts that can be done is that the industry is asked to make workers' housing near the factory or work location, as well as organize schools in factories for the sons of the region.

    "So I will make a rule, that every manufacturing industry must provide flats (near factories)," said Emil.

    "We will also try to make the factory able to provide courses to the sons of the region to be directly channeled as needed," he pleaded.

    In the future, Emil will also make a regulation so that companies or industries operating in West Java pay their taxes in West Java.

    "We will also make regulations for all companies that produce in West Java to pay their taxes in West Java. They may have a head office in Jakarta but must have a branch office in a district / city in West Java," he explained.

    Coordination Meeting of the West Java Tripartite LKS

    West Java Tripartite LKS held coordination meetings regarding Citarum Harum. For this reason, the theme raised in the coordination meeting was "Business Readiness for the Success of the Fragrant Citarum Program".

    In his report, the Head of the West Java Manpower and Transmigration Office Mochamad Ade Afriandi explained that the Harum Citarum program, if viewed from the field of employment, needed to have the role of information and communication technology. Moreover, the existence of Tripartite LKS in the face of the 4.0 industrial revolution needs to be developed so that the forms of service in the business world and workers are able to keep up with the demands of global change.

    "With regard to Citarum Harum, in terms of employment, it is very important to use information and communication technology for the existence of Tripartite LKS," Ade said.

    As an illustration, based on preliminary data that are required to be online or WOKP online employment reports as of March 24, 2019, the number of companies in nine districts / cities including the Citarum watershed is 11,608 companies with 969,762 employees. The locations are spread starting from Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Bekasi Regency, Karawang Regency, Purwakarta Regency, Sumedang Regency, Bandung City, Bekasi City, and Cimahi City.

    To prepare for this, the West Java Manpower and Transmigration Office and the Development Acceleration Team (TAP) together with the Tripartite LKS were formulating the concept of employment services in West Java that brought services to businesses and workers closer, as a conducive employment solution in West Java.

    The concept is part of the program of the 100-day performance of the West Java Disnakertrans to realize Champion Workers, Champion Migrants, and Millennial Champions, namely:
    1. Acceleration of remuneration services,
    2. Strengthening communication and coordination in mediating industrial relations and labor inspection,
    3. Increase the role of job training centers in creating vocational training,
    4. Development of Mobile Training Unit or MTI to support the creation of employment and business in the village in accordance with the village potential and type of business of BUMDesa,
    5. Development of the Nakertrans IT service model for the integration of training functions and the productivity of employment, labor inspection, and industrial relations social guarantee,
    6. Development of the Democration of Labor or DCL model by synergizing and collaborating the role of labor stakeholders exposed to four quadrants so that the image and opinion of the community changes to Mayday is Creative Day.

    The Coordination Meeting of the Tripartite Worksheets was intended to accommodate and examine labor issues in West Java, especially those relating to Citarum Harum policies and Tambourine Triangle plans as material for labor policy to support a conducive investment climate in West Java.

    The aim of coordination is to create harmonious, dynamic and fair industrial relations in an effort to realize West Java as a Born and Inner Champion.

    Coordination participants as many as 128 people, consisting of administrators and members of the Tripartite LKS of West Java Province as many as 18 people, Regent / Mayor as Head of West Java Regency / City LKS as many as 27 people, administrators and members of Regency / City Tripartite LKS which include businessmen 27 people, elements of 27 people, Head of the Manpower Office or another term in West Java Regency / City 27 people, and the West Java Development Acceleration Team of two people.

    The speakers were the Chairperson of Apindo Jabar Dedy Widjaja and Chair of the Textile, Clothing and Leather Workers' Union (TSK) West Java SPSI Roy Jinto.

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