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    An Intimate Credit Program Will Be Implemented Throughout Indonesia


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor's publicity program Ridwan Kamil to improve community welfare, namely Mesjid Sejahteta (Mesra) credit, received appreciation from the Indonesian Mosque Council Central Management (PP DMI). Even the program, which was launched in November 2018, will be applied nationally.

    Deputy Chairperson of the DMI PP who is also the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, Syafruddin, said Kredit Mesra facilitated public access to capital without interest and collateral through mosques.

    "This is a very good program, we want to adopt it to become a pilot project throughout Indonesia," Syafruddin said after inaugurating the West Java DMI management in the 2019-2024 East Hall in Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (03/26/2019).

    DMI as a national level organization chaired directly by Vice President Jusuf Kalla aims to realize the function of the mosque as a center of worship, community development and community unity. Through its duties and functions, DMI at the provincial level is required to succeed in the programs being carried out by the regional government.

    For technical implementation of the Mesra credit program throughout Indonesia, the central DMI will discuss it first with the regional administrators.

    "This is the people's economic program for the welfare of the community," said Syafruddin.

    The Mesra credit program is an effort by the Regional Government of West Java Province to make it easier for the community to obtain microfinance. People just come to the nearest mosque that has been appointed to get the access loan.

    Responding to that, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, the more people implementing the Mesra credit program had a broad impact on reducing poverty in Indonesia. Mesra Credit is a sharia financial instrument that continues to be encouraged because it is considered easy.

    "We continue to encourage sharia financial instruments, one of them is Mesra's credit because it is considered to be easy and successful, so its success will be applied by him (Syafruddin) in all mosques throughout Indonesia. I am happy too, the better," explained Emil .

    Emil asserted, basically the mosque is a multidimensional instrument of civilization.

    "So not only is the place of worship in accordance with the Shari'a also a place of social and economic development," he said.

    Through collaboration with DMI, the movement of the Mesra credit program will be more massive.

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