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    Iwa: BKKBN Must Improve Family Quality


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa stated that in the year 2045 Indonesia is expected to penetrate the top 5 of the world and become a high-income country.

    "The next few years in 2030-2040 Indonesia will immediately welcome the bonus demographic phase, whether we are ready to take off towards developed countries or vice versa, hit by a demographic disaster," he said.

    According to Iwa, the demographic bonus is a condition in which the productive age population is more than the non-productive age, the proliferation of productive labor is a golden opportunity for Indonesia to boost the economic economy and bring a country towards a better direction, especially bringing the welfare of its people.
    "At the age of 100 Indonesia, the population of Indonesia is estimated to reach 319 million, of which 47% are of productive age," said Iwa, at the BKKBN West Java Provincial Working Meeting at the Grand Hotel Aquila, Tuesday (03/26).

    According to Iwa, to achieve this target the need to increase in various sectors of life include improving the quality of government institutions that must offer efficient and competent bureaucracy of human resources to improve competitiveness and good infrastructure.

    Iwa also expects the BKKBN to take steps in an effort to support Indonesia towards the world's top 5 in the coming 2045, especially in increasing human resources and improving family quality.

    "This Regional Working Meeting for sharpening and synchronizing activities, implemented and increased community participation measures like this In Allah control the population can be done and also the quality of the family can be guaranteed," he said. (Parno)

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