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    Frontline Guard of Regional Regulation Implementation, Deputy Governor Asks Regents / Mayors to Give Special Attention to Civil Service Police


    BOGOR CITY - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked the Regents / Mayors in West Java to pay special attention to the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP). This is important because the Satpol PP is the front guard of the implementation of local regulations throughout Indonesia, including in West Java.

    The Deputy Governor said, the current Satpol PP capability is no doubt. According to him, peace and public order especially in urban areas are getting better with the presence of Satpol PP.

    "The Satpol PP has become an icon of the regional government in implementing regional regulations throughout Indonesia, including in West Java. And this is undoubtedly about its reliability, so that order is created, especially in urban areas that look more intense, more orderly," Uu said after he was the ceremonial inspector of the Satpol PP Forces, Community Protection Unit (Satlinmas), and Fire Extinguisher (Damkar) at Sempur Field, Bogor City, Tuesday (03/26/19).

    For this reason, Uu asked all regional heads in West Java to give special attention to Satpol PP. The presence of Satpol PP is currently increasingly needed, especially in urban areas.

    "I hope to all regional heads to give more special attention to the Satpol PP, especially its members. Because more and more regions, the more urban advancement of an area, the more the presence and number of Satpol PP is needed," said the Deputy Governor.

    "Because order is the main key in carrying out the wheels of government in the regions, especially in West Java," he continued.

    Four Attempts at Community Protection

    The troop title ceremony is assembled with the commemoration of the 69th Anniversary of the Satpol PP, the 57th Anniversary of the Satlinmas, and the 100th Anniversary of the West Java Provincial War in 2019. The theme raised is "Increasing Tramtibum Linmas Through Optimizing the Role of Fire Extinguishers, Satpol PP, and Satlinmas To Succeed Concurrent Elections 2019 ".

    The Deputy Governor of Uu who was the inspector of the ceremony read the mandate of the Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tjahyo Kumolo. There are four steps instructed by the Minister of Home Affairs as an effort to strengthen the institutions that provide firefighting and conduct peace, as well as regional public order. Among them:
    First, to strengthen institutional capacity of the organizers of fire sub-affairs and the delivery of sub-affairs for peace and public order.

    According to the Minister of Home Affairs, the establishment of an independent and unrelated Fire Extinguisher Service, as well as the strengthening of Satpol PP and Community Protection became a necessity, along with the duties, functions, and responsibilities carried out.

    "The formation of an independent agency is guided by the results of the business mapping as stipulated in the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 94 of 2016," he said.

    Second, strengthening the capacity of the apparatus in quantity, meeting the needs of the number of apparatus in quality, and ensuring the competence of the apparatus through various education and training, including career paths and apparatus welfare.

    The third step is to strengthen the capacity of supporting facilities and infrastructure in carrying out their duties and functions. This is related to facilities and infrastructure for apparatus protection and community rescue.

    Fourth, allocate adequate budget for achieving minimum service standard targets based on Minister of Home Affairs regulations relating to the preparation of RKPD and APBD.

    The Minister of Home Affairs also requested that the Satpol PP and Linmas be the frontline in fighting the poisons of democracy, namely money politics, sara politicization, and the spread of hate speech, slander and hoaxes. This needs to be done so that all parties and components of the nation can obey the political rules elegantly ahead of the 2019 Pileg and Presidential Election.

    "So that the democratic process will eventually give birth to national leaders who are oriented towards the interests of the community and the nation and state," he said.

    Also present at the event were the Chairperson of West Java DPRD Commission I, Syahrir, Bogor Mayor Bima Arya, Bogor Regent Ade Yasin, and Deputy Regent Majalengka Tarsono, as well as elements of Bogor City FKPD.

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