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    Sharia Financial Dissemination Is Not Maximum


    GARUT - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil acknowledged that the socialization of the existence of Islamic finance was not maximal. According to Ridwan Kamil, this is evidenced by the fact that there are still many people, especially in areas that are trapped by moneylenders. This was revealed by Ridwan Kamil after attending the Sharia Financial Literacy event with FSA in the grand mosque of Garut Regency on Saturday (03/23/2019).

    "If there is an absence, there are still many who are trapped by moneylenders even though at present there are Islamic loans either through micro waqf banks and intimate loans that are channeled through mosques. This means that it must be recognized that the socialization of the existence of Islamic financial institutions is not optimal," .

    Therefore Kang Emil, as he is known as the Governor of West Java, will continue to try to socialize to the community throughout West Java so that the community is no longer trapped by loan sharks.

    "Especially now that with the existence of fintech, the community feels assisted with ease, even though the end is burdensome. It must be prevented," he said.

    People are also asked to be aware of fintech services. It must be ensured that they first obtained OJK permission or not before deciding to become customers.

    "Now there is already some fintech frozen by FSA based on this information from Pak Wimboh (FSA commissioner chairman), so it must be very careful. If you need urgent funding, it's better to come to the mosque and please access intimate credit or micro waqf bank , "Kang Emil said. (Even)

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