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    Regional Secretary Invites Civil Servant to Realize West Java Vision Inner Born Champion


    BANDUNG-Ceremony in the morning which took place at the Office of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) of West Java Province were not as usual as held every Monday, this time led by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwan Karniwa.

    In his direction before the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and Technical Personnel, Iwa stated that Kominfo became the first Regional Organization (OPD) in an effort to guard and inform and control all information and mobilize the millennial community to be productive in development in West Java.

    "The main goal is to make friends become the front guard in various matters, one of which is in the resolution of industry 4.0," Iwa said, when leading an apple on the West Java Diskominfo Office, Monday (03/26).

    Iwa also invited all ASNs, especially ASN in the West Java Diskominfo environment to jointly support the Governor and Deputy Governor's programs in accordance with West Java's vision towards West Java the Inner Birth Champion with Innovation and Collaboration.

    "Towards this vision, we need togetherness in the process, there are demands according to our vision, we must collaborate with some experts that we don't master so don't think the same, ordinary work is done by ASN, this is temporary to help and support us, for example Jabar Saber Hoaks (JSH) , "he said. (Parno)

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