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    With Zakat, The Poor should be Guaranteed


    GARUT-Awareness of the community to pay zakat is considered still lacking. According to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, with zakat funds alone the poor should be able to be guaranteed and be able to prosper through various efforts to use and manage professional zakat funds. This was revealed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil at the Great Mosque of Garut during the Sharia Financial Literacy program with the West Java OJK on Saturday (03/23/2019).

    "With zakat we can overcome poverty. Indonesia with a Muslim population of more than 90 percent should be a force," he said.

    Likewise, in West Java, the population is more than Malaysia, in the field of Islamic economics, it should be more advanced.

    "The Islamic economy must be the face of West Java whose population, especially those who are Muslim, is more than the population of Malaysia which is 40 million," said Kang Emil.

    Sharia economic growth in Indonesia alone has only reached around 8%. That means the Islamic economy has not become the face of this country. Sharia financial literacy in Garut Regency besides being attended by the Garut Regent, Rudi Gunawan also presented the chairman of the Wimboh Central FSA commissioner board and Ust. Yusuf Mansyur. (Even)

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