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    The Great Mosque of Garut Will Be Renovated


    GARUT - The Great Mosque of Garut Regency, which is the pride of the community, will be renovated by the West Java Provincial Government. This was revealed by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil when meeting the Garut people at the Great Mosque of Garut, Saturday (03/23/2019), in the Islamic Financial Literacy event with West Java FSA.

    "In the 90s, there was an ITB architectural student from Bandung who helped project his lecturer to build the grand mosque of Garut. The student also described the design of the Great Mosque of Garut, and this was the result. The student was named Ridwan Kamil," Kang Emil told the Great Garut mosque.

    And now West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil views that the grand mosque is time to be renovated and he is ready to make his design.

    "We will renovate soon, together with mosques in other city districts, so that they are fresher, more comfortable to worship, including because there is damage here and there," he said.

    Kang Emil, as he is known as the Governor of West Java, also hopes that the mosque will become the center of the community's economic activities, especially financial matters.

    "Moneylenders must be lost. The trick is to establish an economic center in the mosque such as intimate credit that has been launched, then FSA also forms a micro waqf bank. That's all so that the economy of the community is helped while prospering the mosque," Emil said.

    Islamic finance in the Garut regency together with the FSA was also attended by Ust. Yusuf Mansur who gave the people's motivation to be more optimistic. (Even)

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