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    Governor Invites People to Fight Hoax News


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil invites all people to be aware of the many news that are not necessarily the truth or hoax, so he invites the public to participate in eradicating false news and if hesitant not to be shared because we are guilty of sin.

    "Pa Kiai said, whoever receives the news that is not Tabayun is then shared and justified, the shareholders include liars," said the Governor, after witnessing the Declaration of the 2019 Peaceful Election by the automotive community in West Java at Gasibu Field, Bandung City, Sunday (24 / 03).

    According to the Governor, there are various ways to distinguish a news that we receive is true or false, namely by checking and reporting the news to a number of large media.

    "If it has been checked, it turns out that there is no such news in the big media. It is certain to lie, because if the news is excited and really the facts are sure to be published, but if it is not there, it is definitely not true," he said.

    The Governor also invited all West Javanese people to support the TNI and Polri in an effort to maintain a sense of security and comfort during the election process.

    "The election is funny, all three cultures, there are interesting themes carried out by officers at the polling station, do not be tense and whoever we will be elected president must support, why? because that's all of Allah's permission, "he said. (Parno)

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