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    Islamic Financial Literacy Efforts, West Java-Financial Services Authority Carried out Motorcycle Touring Bandung-Garut


    BANDUNG - In an effort to disseminate information on sharia-based financial systems in West Java Province, Governor Ridwan Kamil along with the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) carried out motorcycle touring activities from the City of Bandung to Garut Regency.

    Departing from Pakuan Building on Otto Iskandardinata Street, Bandung City, Saturday morning (3/23/19), Emil - Ridwan Kamil's address and officials from OJK, such as Chairman of the Indonesian OJK Board of Commissioners Wimboh Santoso and Regional OJK Chairperson 2, West Java Triana Gunawan were seen participating in the group. In addition, also seen the founder of Paytren as well as the preacher of Ust. Yusuf Mansur and dozens of members of the motorcycle community also participated in touring.

    "West Java has tremendous potential. If West Java is given a sharia banking instrument, God willing, it will take away," said Emil, who was accompanied by his wife, Atalia Praratya.

    Emil likens West Java today as a vehicle that uses spare parts and gasoline just barely. So that it requires new spare parts and additional gasoline so that it can run fast aka "crawl".

    "Now we are conceptualizing spare parts and gasoline using a new method, so that the engine can advance faster. This is what we call Jabar Born Inner Champion," Emil said.

    This term "inner", said Emil, indicates the extraordinary potential of sharia economy in West Java. For example, several programs that have been rolled out, namely the micro waqf bank, Mesra credit in the mosque, and many other business activities that are massive and large scale.

    Emil also hopes that through this socialization effort, Islamic finance literacy can provide benefits to the wider community.

    "We translate my words in actions while enjoying the one gift of God, namely the natural beauty of West Java. While enjoying, grateful, thank you, while we provide usefulness," he explained.

    Meanwhile, interrupted touring activities, short break groups at Al Kholil Mosque, Cicalengka, Bandung Regency. On this occasion, symbolically OJK Board of Commissioners Chairman Wimboh Santoso handed over OJK's social assistance to the Al Kholil Mosque management.

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