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    1200 Santri Participated in Archipelago Scout Santri Campsite


    PANGANDARAN - A total of 1200 scout students representing Pondok Pesanten throughout West Java attended the 4th Santri Archipelago Scout Campsite (PPSN) in West Java 2019, at the Scout Campsite, Pamangunan Street Pangandaran Regency, Friday (03/22/2019).

    The activity to foster nationalism values to the santri was opened directly by the Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    As the commander of the West Javanese santri, Uu appreciated the activity because it was also useful for training discipline, fostering the nature of helping, developing togetherness and ends forming the character of the santri.

    "This is important, because there are also activities that are individual in nature such as speech because prospective leaders must be good at public speaking so they are trained today," he said.

    That way, continued Uu, it will produce a young generation who has a religious soul as well as strong nationalism and patriotism.

    "I hope that a young generation will be born who has a religious soul and a spirit of nationalism and patriotism," Uu said.

    In addition, even though santri are identical with traditionalism and the majority live in the countryside, Uu asks them to welcome the industrial era 4.0. Thus santri will have religious character, nationalism and progress.

    "I hope also in this era 4.0 even though the santri are identical with the traditional one, but the students cannot miss having to go forward," he hoped.

    The scout santri camp, which was held for two days, is an annual activity initiated by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of West Java as a boarding school coach.

    "The theme this time is the Moderate Santri Strong NKRI, we will instill nationalism values ??in them," said the head of the West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion Buchori in his speech.

    He emphasized scout students to continue to develop and innovate from the grassroots level to the enforcer during the camp. Buchori asks the Ministry of Religion in each Regency / City to form Saka or Scout Work Unit with the name Saka Amal Bakti. The aim is as a place of education to channel talents, develop interests, improve abilities, skills and experience of scout students in various fields of vocational.

    "I ask the Regency / City Ministry of Religion to immediately form Saka under the name Saka Amal Bakti," he pleaded.

    Unlike at the West Java level, national level PPSN is held every three years. At the national level of PPSN in 2021, West Java will run as the host for Pangandaran.

    "West Java is ready to host the national PPSN and has been recommended in Pangandaran in 2021," Buchori said.

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