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    Guiding the 2019 Concurrent Election, Ridwan Kamil: Noble Duty


    BANDUNG - Simultaneous General Elections (2019), an Indonesian democratic party that will become a milestone because it is carried out simultaneously, namely five types of elections at the same time.

    Simultaneous elections this time will be a legacy of pride and at the same time become the international spotlight related to whether the Indonesian nation is able to carry out political consolidation with democratic and integrity in order to choose its national leader.

    The Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security of the Republic of Indonesia, Wiranto, emphasized a number of matters, to the Government Elements, the TNI-Polri, to all components of the community, in carrying out the task of securing Simultaneous Elections in 2019.

    First, Wiranto asked the components to understand that the task of securing this simultaneous election in 2019 is honor and pride that cannot be judged with anything and at the same time become a worship service that will get a reward from the Almighty God if done sincerely.

    "Second, establish synergy between the elements of the government, TNI-Polri, and all components of the community to realize the security and smooth implementation of tasks," said Wiranto, through his remarks read by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to enter the 2019 General Election for Security, in Lap. Gasibu Bandung, Friday (03/22/19).

    Then, to the officers, and the community components who will be in charge of the 2019 Election, to also recognize, seek, find, and overcome and neutralize potential vulnerabilities so as not to develop and disrupt the implementation of the simultaneous Election in 2019.

    "Firm action is in accordance with the applicable legal rules towards parties that try to disrupt the smooth running of the 2019 Concurrent Elections," he said.

    Wiranto hopes that BABINSA and BHABINKAMTIBMAS will be able to take part in appeasing the public so as not to worry about the spread of hoaxes and the strengthening of identity politics that can undermine the disintegration of the nation.

    Finally, Wiranto alluded to the importance of inventory and coordination between elements of the government, TNI-Polri, Community Components with religious leaders, traditional leaders, youth leaders, and community leaders to provide a sense of calm to the community so that people can exercise their right to vote safely.

    In line with Wiranto, the Governor, after the apple was held, said that the task of guarding the success of the 2019 Concurrent Election was the task of glory. Because this moment of democracy is the point of continuing the development of the Indonesian nation.

    "Stay alert to the potential of things that interfere with security potential. Safeguards must be measured, according to legal and regulatory corridors," said Emil, the governor's nickname.

    Emil also wants the public to be able to calm down from false news that surfaced ahead of the election. So the officers in charge in the area, so that they can be served as swiftly as possible.

    From experience, or the "track record" of the General Election in West Java, Emil called the Province he leads now, always carrying out a party of democracy in peace and security. For example, in the Simultaneous Local Election 2018 West Java which went as expected.

    "Like the 2018 regional election in West Java, there was no broken glass, no loose bullets, no blood swearing," Emil said.

    "This is a routine of democracy, the people of West Java have been trained, the authorities and the government are accustomed, we believe that the implementation of the 2019 Concurrent Election, in West Java, will be safe, peaceful, smooth," he said.

    West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Mary Maryoto said that even though the Bawaslu and the KPU did not make West Java a conflict-prone area, it was still aware of anything that could disrupt the smooth running of the 2019 Concurrent Election.

    "TNI security officers - the National Police should not be 'under estimate', all are in a ready and vigilant status to protect the community and protect the community," said the police chief.

    The Commander of the Siliwangi III Maj. Gen. Tri Soebandono said that his ranks were ready to face the presence of the 2019 Concurrent Election democratic party.

    "Same with the spearhead of the Regional Police in this security is law enforcement so that the TNI and Polri are ready to help," explained the Commander of the III Siliwangi.

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