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    Developing Villages, West Java Will Build 20 Bridges in 2019


    BANDUNG, West Java Regional Secretary (West Java Regional Secretary) Iwa Karniwa revealed, the West Java Provincial Government will build 20 village bridges in 2019. Iwa said, besides facilitating access to inter-village transportation, bridges also play a role in reducing inflation by accelerating the movement of people and goods.

    The 20 bridges that will be built, said Iwa, are part of 54 proposed development bridges connecting the villages, which are dominated by villages in southern West Java and Cirebon.

    "For 2019 there are 20 bridges (which are prioritized)," Iwa said when opening the Regional Devices Forum for West and Village Community Empowerment, in the hall of the PKK building in West Java Province, Soekarno Hatta Street Bandung, Thursday (3/21/19).

    "Pak Kadis (DPMDesa Jabar) has identified the perimeter, until now there are 54 village bridges that we will try to do, because it is very important to provide the most basic infrastructure for people's welfare," he said.

    Touched on the budget, Iwa said the average budget per bridge was around Rp 200 million.

    He added, his party would look for CSR (corporate social responsibility) to assist in the addition of bridge construction, considering that funds from the regional budget were limited.

    "The budget for constructing bridges averages Rp. 200 million. Later we will also look for CSR, hopefully with CSR, we will direct entrepreneurs, please those who wake up, we give the data, the people accept the goods, it's better "Iwa said.

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