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    Maladministration Perception Index, West Java Provincial Government is in The Lowest Second


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, attended the Launch of the West Java Province Maladministration Perception (Inperm) Survey in 2018, at the Sangga Buana Hall, Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (03/21/19).

    The Maladministration Achievement Survey is a method by the Indonesian Ombudsman in obtaining primary data from service users by mapping the level of administration on basic public services.

    "Released the Maladministration Perception survey by the Indonesian Ombudsman, to measure the quality of public administration services to the public," said the Governor of West Java.

    The Republic of Indonesia Ombudsman conducted a survey on the Maladministration Perception Index (Inperm) for 10 provincial governments which had been awarded the green zone about service, both in the compliance survey with Law No. 25 of 2009. The 10 provinces were Sumut, Kepri, Jambi, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Banten, NTT, East Kalimantan, South Sulawesi and the Province of Southeast Sulawesi.

    The governor said, of the 10 provinces surveyed, West Java was in the best position 2 (two), with a score of 4.98. With the second lowest predicate maladministration. The best results were achieved by NTT with the lowest Inperma score of 4.87.

    The value of other provinces, namely North Sumatra Province has an index score of perceptions of maladministration 5.28, Riau Islands 5.45, Jambi 5.44, Jakarta 5.11, Banten 5.52, East Kalimantan 5.46, Sulsel 5.30 and Southeast Sulawesi Province 5 , 47.

    "This is good but not 'perfect', I said. Percect is that the Maladministration Perception does not exist," he said.

    The results of this survey continued, indicating that public services in West Java are getting better, and only need to be upgraded to get a perfect score.

    Emil, the Governor's address, said that in the era of "Dynamic Governance," West Java Province is currently continuing to improve the level of public services by reducing face-to-face interactions between communities and service personnel.

    With this concept, said Emil, the West Java Provincial Government tried to create a system in which the country came to the people, not the people who came to the country.

    For this reason, the West Java Provincial Government has issued several programs related to outdoor innovation to the community, one example of which is Samsat J’bret, which is paying taxes online by collaborating with several third parties as service partners.

    "Therefore I emphasize again that the West Java ASN must have three values ??in carrying out its work, among others, with integrity, professionalism and serving wholeheartedly," said Emil.

    "The point is to do services like the people want, citizens are now used to" online ", so we have designed tax payments through Bukalapak, Tokopedia, which is usually paid to minimarkets to Alfamart, Indomaret, and so on," said Emil.

    This will also be practiced in all services. Emil invites stakeholders, regional officials to think like consumers. That is the public service reform that he hoped for.

    Emil hopes, with a system of "dynamic governance" and upholding the three values ??of the ASN in West Java, in the future the results of this survey will be better and directly proportional to the satisfaction of the community itself.

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