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    Be Innovative in the Technology Era


    BANDUNG-Friction occurs between conventional transportation and app-based transportation is already alarming. Because it is not only a demonstration but also the destruction action, both the action of sweeping with violence and clashes between the conventional transport drivers and app-based transportation.

    "The government should immediately inventory issues and demands of the various parties and formulate short-term solution. This is an economic issue, so the solution should be taken as soon as possible. Do not be widespread, moreover it would occurs in the other areas,” said the senator from Jakarta Fahira Idris (23/3) in a release submitted to jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (23/3) afternoon.

    Fahira revealed, the advances information technology today makes the birth of the application based transportation can not be dammed or banned. Their presence, especially in big cities like Jakarta with the high mobility of its citizens is very helpful and efficient, while systems and transport management  existing has not been good,.

    "Their presence is very helpful, so do not be banned but regulated. Public enthusiasm for public transport applications based could actually be a record for the government that the people already missed the mass transportation system efficient and convenient. Also be alert for conventional public transport companies to continue to innovate, especially taxis to start thinking about using online applications. Otherwise, you will be left behind,” said Deputy Chairman of the Committee III DPD.

    According to Fahira, the large-scale action of the taxi drivers as resulted in the decrease in the taxi driver income, while the deposit to the company may not be reduced so that might make them frustrated.

    Government should be able to detect the massive protests of the taxi drivers in refusing app-based transportation. Case like this has happened in many countries including France and Mexico. Currently, Fahira added, both the driver and the conventional transport company feel unfairly treated because they are tied to various regulations but not to the online transportation.

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