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    Governor Wanted Citizens to Easily Manage Population Documents


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, regretted that there were still residents who had to be troubled, only to take care of the population documents they needed. As the development of the digital era, Emil, the Governor is usually called, wants all matters related to population can also be resolved digitally as well.

    "With residents coming to the office alone, it is not sophisticated," Emil said on Thursday (3/19/19), at the Negara Pakuan Building.

    Good example, Emil appreciation Sumedang Regency which has run a program of sending documents related to population via mail to residents' homes. So that citizens do not have to go to the Disdukcapil office just to take documents.

    In addition, continued the Governor, a good example is also given by Bekasi City, which seeks the service of making Electronic Identity Cards (e-KTP) as fast as messaging services between fast food restaurants, by delivering blank prints directly to the applicant's house. As for the city of Bekasi, the operational mechanism of delivery services is carried out through the placement of Contract Workers (TKK) apparatuses in each of the Rukun Warga (RW) areas.

    "This is the spirit of public service in the new era, where the country is visiting citizens, not always citizens who come to the country," he said.

    Governor Emil also hopes, with the maximum of the most basic public services. West Java is able to become a digital province with the title "Zero Complaint Government".

    "If possible, (for example) taking care of a KTP like we buy airplane tickets online, there is no need for us to come to the ticket window. Or as we order food online, we have to think like consumers, with residents staying at home, but things can be done," he said.

    In addition to service innovation, Emil also briefly highlighted the importance of socialization to the community. Because, from a number of population problems that he found, not infrequently problems also arise from lack of knowledge, or information from the residents themselves.

    Instead innovation has been made in such a way as to facilitate society. But the people themselves have not been informed of the presence of innovations that have been made. So that innovation is not fully utilized

    "At least 60 percent of population problems are due to lack of knowledge. For example, that to move to domicile does not have to go back to the place of origin, only to make a transfer letter. Just report to the city Disdukcapil to be occupied," he said

    "Most of the findings are a lack of socialization, as well as a 'rigid' solution to a variety of problems, so the follow-up has not been maximized," he added.

    Towards the 2019 Election, Emil said that the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) had declared the e-KTP chip for West Java, 100 percent already available. Then it requires the skill of the Head of the Service, in order to maximize the immediate distribution of the e-KTP to the community.

    "Next we will do a work meeting to make West Java Champion service standards. We will also sort the programs that are already running in the City / Regency to be adopted," he said.

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