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    Atalia Encourages Reading Interest from Early Age to Youth


    SUBANG REGENCY-West Java Province Mother of Literacy, Atalia Praratya Kamil will continue to try to socialize the importance of reading that needs to start from an early age to adolescence. This was conveyed by Atalia after conducting Mobile Broadcasting (Sarling) at 2 Subang Vocational High School, Thursday (03/21/2019).

    "We are present in schools where they need to read more often, because this will make them accustomed to becoming a generation of learners," he said.

    "When someone likes to read, of course it will become opium for them. So from one book they will look for another book and continue like that,"

    According to him, the interest in reading the people of West Java is still very minimal. Because it requires a strategic way to increase reading interest.

    Atalia added, his party had tried to push up programs related to reading culture.

    Based on reports from the West Java Library and Filling Office, the average speed of reading of students of SMK 2 Subang is 196 words / minute. While the standard of reading speed for high school level students is 250-325 words / minute.

    For this reason, the Principal and teaching staff at SMK 2 Subang have familiarized their students with reading for 5 to 10 minutes before the learning process begins.

    "Actually, the number of reading this minute is still below the average, but of course this can be pushed in such a way," Atalia said.

    "Of course I appreciate, in this Subang 2 Vocational School they have used to read first before starting the lesson. I think this should be appreciated and hopefully can be applied in all schools in West Java especially," he added.

    Previously, Atalia visited Hidayatuddin PAUD, Belendung Village, Subang Regency. There, Atalia advised the parents, especially Mother, to familiarize their children with books since they were young. Because basically reading is open genetically, not because of heredity but because of habits.
    "Actually, data on reading interest in West Java is not too bad, but of course it must be encouraged. Because we believe that every reading habit starts from small and it starts from the family, especially Mother," Atalia said.

    "Therefore, I am here today to greet parents so they are willing to continue to encourage their children to love reading," he concluded.

    In this fourth series of Sarling, Atalia also appreciated the Subang District Government, which has committed to collaborating in supporting various developments in an effort to increase and socialize literacy culture by presenting a Smart Literacy Box (Kolecer) in the Great Mosque of Subang Regency

    Kolecer is a fund from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from BJB Bank. For the initial stage, Kolecer will be deployed in 27 districts / cities throughout West Java and 600 points as a target for the next 5 (five) years.

    Through creativity, this collector can be placed anywhere in a community or community gathering place. In the village or village, the Kolecer can be placed in the village hall. While in urban areas it can be placed on sidewalks and parks.

    With a collection of books that are diverse in each place, of course Kolecer can be one of the aspects supporting the increasing interest in reading.

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