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    Regal Springs Explored West Java Market


    BANDUNG-West Java Province besides being famous for its natural beauty, its craft and culinary is a very large share of companies and industries engaged in providing processed fish.

    This was done by the Regal Springs Group who came to West Java specifically to the city of Bandung by providing Tilampia Fish fillets to meet the needs of the people of West Java, the culinary industry and producers and supermarkets in Bandung.

    The Marketing Manager of Regal Springs Indonesia, Ratna Yudythia, stated that the market share in West Java, especially the city of Bandung, was so large that Bandung became a very promising target market besides other major cities in Indonesia.

    "To introduce and bring the product closer to the community, we invite various culinary professions in the launch of Tilapia Fillet," said Ratna, at the Regal Springs Fillet Tilapia event at the Aston Pasteur Bandung Hotel, Thursday (03/21).

    The business of Regal Springs tilapia is growing rapidly in clean water waters in Java and North Sumatra, so it is able to meet market demand in the United States and Europe.

    In 2019 Regal Springs is committed to serving the domestic market in Indonesia with the same quality products as products exported to the United States, Europe and Australia.

    This Tilapia fillet product is shipped from Regal Springs factory in Semarang in the form of frozen and the best conditions so that it reaches consumers in Bandung and surrounding areas in the hope of the Food Service industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Catering) especially in Bandung, and in the future all over Indonesia can enjoy the delicacy of the Regal Springs Tilapia fish with the best conditions.

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