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    PT KAI Holds Cheap Markets in Cianjur Regency


    CIANJUR-In the context of the 21st anniversary of the Ministry of SOE and as a form of concern for PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) to provide the best contribution to the community in Sukaluyu and Ciranjang Districts of Cianjur Regency, PT KAI CSR held a series of Cheap Market activities. This was conveyed by the Public Relations Manager of PT KAI in Operational Area (Daop) 2 Bandung, Joni Martinus.

    According to him, the selection of the two regions is related to the process of reactivating the Padalarang - Cianjur railway line by the Ministry of Transportation.

    In this Cheap Market activity, PT KAI sold 1,500 cheap basic food packages to be carried out in several locations including 250 basic food packages for the Sukaluyu District community and 250 packages in Ciranjang District, Cianjur Regency.

    "We have carried out activities in Sukaluyu Subdistrict on Tuesday (3/19) and the second stage we conducted today in Ciranjang District, Cianjur Regency," Joni added.

    The value of the assistance provided by PT KAI in the activities of the Cheap Market in both regions is Rp. 88,440,000 or Rp. 44,200,000 per sub-district. In this Pasar Murah program, PT KAI provided discounts to the public for the purchase of basic food packages worth Rp. 144,000 to Rp. 10,000. The basic food package contained 5 kg of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil, 1 kg of sugar, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 10 packs of instant noodles, and goodie bags.

    In each of these sub-districts, PT KAI provides 250 packages for the community. The proceeds from the sale of these basic food packages will return to the community in the form of compensation to 10 orphans from Sukaluyu and Ciranjang Districts with a compensation value of Rp 250,000 per child.

    The symbolic handover of assistance by the Executive Vice President of Operational Area 2, Saridal was accompanied by PT KAI's Corporate Social Responsibility Vice President, Agus Supriyono. Daop 2 EVP hopes that this activity will further increase public awareness to jointly protect PT KAI's assets so that train travel will always be safe and secure. (Even)

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