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    Transportation Conflict Should Prioritise the Public Interests


    BANDUNG-Demonstration taxi drivers conventional dyed riots on Tuesday (22/3), was very regreted. Moreover, the victims and the destruction of the vehicle was fellow drivers, both conventional and online transportation.

    The government must act decisively and quickly make a decision on the status of online transportation in Indonesia with the public interest and also the drivers.

    "The government must be present in any conflict in the community. The government must find a way out and resolve any conflicts by remaining in the public interest whereas the businessman,” said Neng Eem Marhamah Zulfa HIZ, Member of Parliament of the PKB Faction in its Press Release, Wednesday (23/3), received jabarprov.go.id editorial on Wednesday (23/3) afternoon.

    According to Neng Eem, a number of parties have put forward various proposals resolution from the revision of Law No. 22 Year 2009 regarding Traffic and Road Transportation, the publication of the Regulation in Lieu of Law or the Presidential Decree, the closure of transport applications online, to forcing service providers for app-based transportation to meet permit requirements of transport operations in Indonesia without revision of Law No. 22 of 2009, Regulation 74 of 2014 on Road Transportation, and Presidential Decree No. 29 of 2014 on the List of Business fields closed and Businesses Open arrange a taxi as enclosed types.

    "Whatever the solution options issued by the Government, it should be in the public interest, both as consumers and the driver in the conventional or app-based transportation. The government should ensure that consumers are kept secure using public transportation and the driver did not lose their jobs,” said Neng Eem.

    According to Neng Eem, the Government should also keen to see the various interests that lie behind this feud between two modes of transportation, moreover by observing the public transportation company, both conventional and application-based, which was competing today. "The government should give assurances that the consumer and driver did not become victims of unfair competition from companies of public transportation," said Neng Eem.

    Neng Eem also explained that the community is now awaiting the firmness of the Government in an attempt to resolve this conflict. It should not be allowed to drag on because it will harm community in general, both consumers and drivers in particular.

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