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    The Ministry of Trade Targeted IKM to Reach Index 45


    BANDUNG - The Indonesian Ministry of Trade this year targets an increase in the Consumer Empowerment Index (IKM) by 45 percent. At present, according to him, the SMIs are still at the level of 40 percent.

    "The IKM or Consumer Empowerment Index is an index related to the ability of consumers to use their rights related to the service of goods and services. This year the target is 45 percent, "he said in Bandung on Wednesday (3/20).

    Compared to other countries, for example, Malaysia, IKM in Indonesia is still below. Malaysia currently has an IKM of 57 percent. Nevertheless, the current Indonesian IKM shows that Indonesian consumers are able to deliver their rights.

    "It's capable, but there are still many who are ignorant and choose to give in," he said.

    In developed countries, the public is not reluctant to complain if the service feels bad. For example if the item purchased is not in accordance with what is offered, it will file an objection. This method according to the minister will make producers more respectful of consumers and more responsible.

    He added that in 2018 the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) only received 564 complaints from the public. Comparing with Singapore last year, the country's consumer protection agencies have received as many as 16,090 public complaints.

    The reason is, it could be because the process of resolving complaints in Indonesia is still complicated and long. So he hopes producers will increasingly pay attention to consumer rights, especially in their after-sales services.

    "The government is trying to help by making a consumer complaints clinic and increasing the metrology office units, as a protection for the scales," he said. jo

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