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    West Java, the Best Province Cares for Consumer Protection


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province, won the title of "The Best Province Concerning Consumer Protection", from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. This award was given as an appreciation for the results achieved by the West Java Provincial Government in serving and providing protection and security to the community as consumers.

    The award handed over by the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Enggartiasto Lukita, received directly by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, at the peak of the Commemoration of the National Consumer Day (Harkonas) 2019, in the courtyard of Diponegoro Street Bandung, Wednesday (03/2019).

    "West Java Province has been awarded 10 times as the Best Province for Caring for the Last Consumers in 2018", said Emil - calling the Governor.

    Success in West Java followed by five other provinces namely West Papua, Aceh, Central Java, Southeast Sulawesi, and South Sulawesi.

    Emil further said, his party will continue to improve supervision of commercial order and outstanding goods and services. West Java Provincial Government will also optimize efforts to empower consumers.

    Even with digital progress, and increasing transaction services through E-Commerce, the goal that is currently to be achieved is the development of consumer protection in accordance with the times, including protection for online consumers.

    "There is still less online consumer protection. Increasing online buying and selling, consumer protection must also increase," Emil said.

    The value of movement of goods in the next 10 years through E-Commerece in Southeast Asia is estimated to reach 80 billion USD. An attractive prospect.

    "The items are loose change, cheap, but in large quantities, the movements are very dynamic," he said.

    To serve consumers better, the Governor is also preparing a 20-hectare land in the Kertajati Airport area, Majalengka, as an industrial logistics center 4.0, or an E-Commerce Hub.

    "This is our commitment to support industry 4.0, so we expect the movement of goods through E-Commerce to be faster at an affordable cost," he said.

    Pemdaprov West Java through the Office of Industry and Trade of West Java Province, also continues to focus on monitoring aspects of licensing in the field of trade, distribution of goods and services including, alcoholic and dangerous drinks, registration of domestic and imported goods, SNI enforcement, property brokers, companies MLM, warehouse registration and storage and availability of basic necessities.

    While based on the results of supervision of outstanding goods and services, until now SNI products are still found that do not comply with the applicable rules. These products are spread in traditional and modern markets, as well as shops. In addition, there are also electronic and telematics products that have not fulfilled the rules regarding the warranty card manual

    "Alhamdulillah, consumer justice institutions for complaints, and others have worked optimally, what is needed now is the strengthening of consumers. This is the need to increase understanding of the trade law and technical regulations of the trade sector to businesses and consumers through socialization, as well as technical training," he said.

    On the other hand, Emil is concerned about the rampant cases of loan sharks under the guise of financial technology (fintech), and many victims. The governor hopes that such cases can be further stipulated in the legal basis.

    "One thing that is feared, for the lower middle class is online borrowing. Moneylenders have spread to online, and often consumers who pay late are shamed online as well. Please note this from the residents (Minister of Trade), this dark side 4.0 our mutual attention, "he said.

    The Ministry of Trade's Director General of Consumer Protection and Trade Order, Veri Anggriono Sutiarto, Harkonas 2019 is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the national protection strategy mandated in Presidential Regulation Number 50 of 2017.

    Harkornas was held by the Ministry of Trade through the Directorate of Consumer Protection and Commercial Order (DG PKTN) in collaboration with the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN), and the Regional Government of West Java Province with the theme "The Time for Indonesian Consumers to Power".

    "Enlivening Harkonas 2019 has carried out a series of activities such as the opening of consumer complaints clinics held simultaneously in Bandung Regency and Bandung City around the problems faced by consumers when shopping. Consumers can submit complaints about the products and services they use," Veri said.

    The Consumer Complaints Clinic starts on March 16, 2019. Among them are Trans Trans Studio Bandung (TSM), Transmart Buah Batu, Transmart Cimahi, Transmart Cipadung, Transmart Cimahi, Carefour Kiaracondong, Carefour PVJ, Griya Grand Cinunuk, Griya Sumber Sari, Yogya Kepatihan and Giant Suci.

    Also held a discount week involving around 32 companies online and offline. As well as consumer education seminars. Also today was the signing of the inscription 251 legal metrology unit office, which was recorded by the World-Indonesia Record Museum (MURI), as well as the embedding of the Weighing Measurer Measurer Vest (Kang Ujang).

    The Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Enggartiasto Lukita hopes that Harkonas 2019 can also educate producers to be responsible.

    "Not only the quality of goods or services, but also at the dosage. Maybe the women in the market like to ask the heart, whatever the scales of meat, chili, chicken onions are appropriate. This is our role as the government, to strengthen consumers, to improve sustainable product quality , "he said.

    The Trade Minister said, a number of current consumer protection targets are increasing public awareness of being a powerless consumer. As well as socialization to all levels of society from elementary school to university level, that they are protected by law to get quality products.

    "For all complaints, we are ready to provide service to Indonesian consumers 24 hours 7 days 365 days," he said.

    Consumers can contact the call center at number 153, e-mail Protection.konsumen@kemendag.go.id or hotline: 021-3441839.

    "We must continue to implement consumer protection to fulfill the right measurements to ensure trade orderliness. In addition to fostering intelligence, and honesty over the products purchased, it also presents consumers who love domestic products and the work of the nation's children," said Enggartiasto.

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