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    Manufacturers Do Not Harm Consumers


    BANDUNG - On the occasion of the National Consumer Day commemoration in Gedung Sate, Tuesday (03/19/2019), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hoped that producers or sellers could fulfill consumer rights, especially to receive complaints. Kang Emil claimed to have been disappointed with a product he bought online some time ago, and finally had to complain with a difficult process.

    Emil said he had bought batik clothes online some time ago. But when the item is received, the design of the batik shirt he receives is different from the one displayed in the online store, it can even be said to be defective because it is ultimately inappropriate to wear.

    "For example when shopping online, there are cheap batik clothes, buy IDR 170 thousand. In the online picture, the batik has a cool circle. But when the item comes, there is a nice stitch, if it is used it can be embarrassing. it can be used. The circle also becomes oblong. Then I go through a complaint process that is not simple, "Emil said in remarks on the National Consumer Day activities.

    Emil said the story could be just one of thousands of stories of other residents' disappointments when shopping online. This, Emil said, indicates that consumers are always looking for an easy purchasing process, but when ensuring quality, only use the confidence and submission to the seller because it is difficult to complain.

    According to Emil, conventional and online trade must be equally concerned with consumer rights. Emil also said that he was disappointed when making a purchase directly at an exhibition.

    "I used to buy things at the exhibition, I paid at the exhibition, the items didn't come too. Complained about where I was confused. Buy online also had items displayed with items purchased differently. This is just a small example, I'm sure there are thousands of stories together, "he said.

    Emil said the West Java Provincial Government made sure it wanted to be in line with the Ministry of Commerce in protecting every consumer right. In West Java, he said, there are 17 institutions that handle complaints and consumer justice such as the Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency.

    "So the mediation results will be the final decision. Hopefully the Indonesian economy will be extraordinary if the consumers are empowered," he said.

    Emil asked all producers who sell goods in Indonesia or West Java, to provide complaints hotline numbers such as well-known producers.

    "We will give UMKM awareness so that they also have a complaints channel for consumer protection," he said.

    Emil hopes that this National Consumer Day will become a momentum for empowering consumers in Indonesia so that Indonesia's economic life is truly fair, both for those who produce and consumers.

    The growth of e-commerce in West Java, said Emil, is very rapid because more and more residents use online media. However, the development of online commerce has an impact on the emergence of products that are not guaranteed quality, different specifications than those offered. (Even)

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