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    Optimizing Catches, West Java Secretary Recommends a Monitoring Aid to Sukabumi Fishermen


    PALABUHANRATU - Regional Secretary of West Java Province (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa handed over 10 fishing aids or VMA (Vessel Monitoring Aid) to Sukabumi Regency fishermen at the Sukabumi Regency Fisheries and Marine Office on Tuesday (3/19/19)

    This VMA tool is produced by PT. Featured Cipta Technology (UCT) and new Sukabumi District were the first to get it. Iwa explained the benefits as navigating fishermen to estimate where the pile or collection of fish could be known. So that with these tools fishermen can be shorter and more efficient.

    "This means that the cost of diesel fuel costs time and so and the catch is expected to be more," said Iwa.

    "Also as weather info to maintain safety, as communication between fishermen on the sea and land. Because this tool can reach 45 km, if all this time using a mobile phone is only 5 km, "he continued.

    "Then information and safety can also be known. Because there it reflects the signal so that information can be quickly received to the centers for evacuation or rescue. Finally, to check what is violating from the permitted, it cannot be known, "he said.

    But Iwa stressed that fishermen could not use this sophisticated tool. So from that he asked for training as well as practice. "Followed by accompaniment when making arrests until returning to land, until truly proficient to be released," he ordered.

    Including how to maintain the tool. Because we often have good sophisticated tools but cannot be used because the training and coaching process is inadequate.

    "I don't want this tool to be not optimal. So we ask for assistance, not only in the theory presented, but also practice when fishing is carried out, "he said.

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