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    Governor Ridwan Kamil Inaugurated the New Office of Banjar & Sumedang Regional Revenue Agency


    BANDUNG, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil symbolically inaugurated the new building of the Central Office for Regional Revenue Agency in the areas of Banjar City and Sumedang Regency, in the courtyard of the West Java Regional Revenue Agency office which was coupled with the inauguration of the Al Akhyar Mosque, Tuesday (03/19/19).

    From the architectural point of view, Ridwan Kamil considered the two buildings of the Regional Revenue Agency office to be advanced and futuristic.

    "I see the architecture of the building is good, I value 8 as an architect, this feels to be an increasingly advanced country," Emil said, his nickname.

    But according to Emil the most important thing is service to the community that must be continuously improved. The governor also advised three things to the Regional Revenue Agency ranks throughout West Java. First, Emil asked Regional Revenue Agency to mobilize the heads of Neighbors or Hamlets to door to door to residents' homes, reminding those who have not paid taxes.

    Both Regional Revenue Agency must no longer have services with the cash transaction method. All payment matters are required online.

    "I don't want to hear any stories about cash matters," Emil said.

    Then, despite innovating tax payments through online shopping and minimarket platforms, Emil still wants Regional Revenue Agency to innovate again to adjust to the habits of citizens. If possible make the application check the physical vehicle with no meeting between the police and the taxpayer.

    "Look for more platforms that are commonly used by residents, even physical checks of vehicles in the Police if possible, they don't have to meet a technological way, let's think about it," Emil said.

    When inaugurating the use of the Al Akhyar mosque which is in the courtyard of the West Java Regional Revenue Agency office, Emil advised that the mosque should not be empty, there must be a lot of activities in Islamic studies outside the prayer.

    "This mosque must also be full of studies. Don't just pray 5 times, this is using public money so Saturday - Sunday there is no service. The mosque must be crowded. Later studies will be soothing because the Islamic concept of West Java is friendly Islam," he pleaded.

    The construction of mosques in government offices is one of the manifestations of the vision that is being pursued which is to realize the West Java champion physically and mentally.

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