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    XL Axiata Supports National Tourism Development


    BANDUNG - As a form of commitment to continue building its network infrastructure to support the development of regional economic potential, including tourism in Indonesia, PT. XL Axiata will continue to expand data and internet networks quickly to remote areas so that the community and local governments can make maximum use of it to obtain added value from the economic potential in their area.

    XL Axiata Technology Director, Yessie D. Yosetya said, for 2019, it had budgeted capital expenditure of Rp 7.5 trillion, of which 80% was used to build quality data networks, including outside Java.

    "Building a network to all corners of the country in line with the government's vision that seeks to implement accelerated development in all fields, with data network infrastructure and fast internet as one of the main pillars," he said.

    Yessie added, in the past decade, along with the advent of the digital era, Indonesian people knew and recognized many new tourist destinations in various regions including those in remote areas through social media.

    "People are increasingly familiar with Indonesian culture that is very diverse, including culinary products. Thanks to digital technology and quality data networks, the Indonesian people are increasingly easy to recognize and introduce tourism potential in various regions," he said.

    According to Yessie, in a number of regions that have successfully developed their tourism potential by utilizing digital facilities as a means of promotion, XL Axiata's data service traffic is increasing and will continue to be high in the future given the continued development of the regional economy, with tourism as one of its main pillars.

    "The number of traffic growth also shows the increasing intensity of the community in utilizing data services in line with the continuous improvement in the quality of services," added Yessie.

    Yeasie stated that the existence of 4G fast internet service is very beneficial for local governments in improving regional economies and increasing income through small industrial sectors that support tourism ecosystems, in addition local governments can also encourage the use of 4G services for teaching and learning in schools, supporting health services and various other public services. (Parno)

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