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    West Java Regional Police Confiscated 10 Kg of Gorilla Tobacco


    BANDUNG - The Directorate of Drug Narcotics of the West Java Regional Police (West Java Regional Police) secured evidence of gorilla tobacco and its raw materials, which weighed about 10 kilograms.

    The evidence consisted of one large pack of tobacco weighing 6 kg, one pan containing 1 kg of gorilla tobacco, 8 packages of various flavors weighing 800 grams, 9 packages of gorillas weighing 144 grams, and other ingredients.

    West Java Regional Police Reskoba Director Senior Commissioner Enggar Pareanom said the perpetrators of the illicit goods distribution were still high school students with the initials MRF (18).

    "So this disclosure starts with the cyber patrol we did. "The person concerned has been doing for the past six months," Enggar said, in an exposure at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters on Tuesday (03/19/2019).

    Enggar explained, the suspect concocted synthetic tobacco using an aluminum pan filled with 25 grams of white and orange powder, then put back 100 milligrams of liquid alcohol, then stirred with a spoon. After mixing, put in 1,000 grams of tobacco, and stir it by hand.

    "From the confession of the suspect, the chemicals were sent from China," he explained.

    Enggar said, the suspect marketed gorilla tobacco to a number of regions in Indonesia, such as West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, and Ambon. This illegitimate item is sold online, so the suspect does not know who the consumers or buyers are.

    From the proceeds of this sale, MRF was able to rent rooms in the apartment. The apartment is rented per month with rates reaching millions of rupiah.

    "Money is obtained from the proceeds made by suspects in the past six months," explained Enggar.

    As a result of the action, the suspect was snared Article 113 paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 114 paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 112 paragraph (2) of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. The MRF is threatened for life huddled behind a prison. Jo

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