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    The Ministry of Trade Supported Special Taxes for the Research Industry


    BANDUNG - Indonesian Minister of Trade Airlangga Hartarto said the government would provide special tax incentives for industries engaged in research and encourage industries to collaborate in making vocational education with schools.

    "The government will provide incentives of up to 200% for research and vocational drivers. Thus, it will help the education sector in Indonesia, "he said at ITB, Monday (18/3), when inaugurating the Future Digital Economy Lab.

    He said that government regulations would be made that would make it easier for industries to help in the field of innovation. They will be given a super tax deduction of up to 200 percent, while those who help vocational education will be given a tax deduction, super tax, up to 300 percent.

    Airlangga said the regulation was currently being drafted by the government along with tax incentives for the industry of developing electric cars and motorcycles.

    "For research supporting industries we will provide up to three times the research funding that he has issued. Thus, the industry will conduct research in droves here, not elsewhere, "he said.

    Industry assistance like Indosat Ooredo to ITB is one of them, because the laboratory that was built will make it easier for students to study industry development 4.0. There are five industrial sectors that will be most developed in the industrial sector 4.0, namely food and beverage, textile, automotive, electronic and chemical. jo

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