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    West Java BI Promoted Consumer Protection


    BANDUNG - West Java will host the commemoration of the National Consumer Day (Harkonas) 2019 on March 19-20. The plan is to present President Jokowi in Bandung.

    West Java Bank Indonesia also took part in the National Consumer Day through socialization of consumer protection to the community.

    "We and Financial Services Authority (OJK) are tasked with providing protection to consumers in the financial sector. "Today's seminar is one of them to socialize it to the public," said Head of West Java BI Dony P Juwono on Braga Street, Bandung, Monday (3/18).

    In his presentation he gave an explanation of the different basic tasks and functions between Bank Indonesia and the OJK or the Financial Services Authority. Because, according to him, there are still many complaints about the wrong target community.

    "Bank Indonesia still receives complaints, via telephone 131. But we only serve complaints regarding payment and use of money. "We accept complaints regarding the authenticity of money and complaints related to the use of money with a credit or debit card," he explained.

    During the year 2018, West Java BI recorded 91 complaints regarding credit cards. So according to him in 2020, banks will be obliged to use a chip and a six-digit PIN.

    "There is no use of signatures, but with a six-digit PIN. At the latest 2020 can be implemented, "he said. jo

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