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    West Java Regional Secretary Opened Pre-Regional Musrembang in 2019


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary of West Java Province (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa said the Pre-Regional Musrebang in 2019 was a series of plans in drafting the West Java Province RKPD in 2020. The territory in West Java Province was divided into six development areas (WP).

    "That is the area of Bodebekpunjur Development, Purwasuka Development Area, Ciayumajakuning Development Area, Sukabumi and Surrounding Development Areas, Bandung Basin Development Area and East Priangan Development Area and Pangandaran," said Iwa when opening the Pre-Regional Development Planning Conference (Pre Musrenbang) in West Java Province In 2019 representing the Governor of West Java at the Crowne Hotel Ballroom, Monday (03/18/19).

    Furthermore, Iwa said that the regional pre-musrenbang forum is expected to be inventoried and clarified bottom-up activities proposals. In order to support the achievement of the development performance of West Java Province and the programs / activities that exist at the district / city border.

    "So that synergies and cooperation can occur between the district / city governments, between provincial governments and the regency / city governments and between adjacent provinces," he continued.

    Then the expected results in the regional pre-musrenbang are the realization of the agreed proposal of activities from each development area to be approved. Where at the Musrenbang Forum the West Java Provincial Government along with the district / city government and stakeholders will determine the development priority programs and activities in 2020.

    "Among other things by prioritizing education access for all, decentralizing health services, innovation-based economic growth, developing destinations and tourism infrastructure, religious education and places of worship, regional connectivity infrastructure, village building movements, free subsidies for economically weak groups and service innovation public and regional arrangement, "he said.

    On this occasion, Deputy Chairperson of West Java Province Parliament Irfan Suryanegara wanted to leave a number of things in this 2019 Regional Regional Development Conference. First, the development of the Cirebon area and Tasikmalaya must be interesting. So that people in the area do not go to Purwokerto to go to school even to the hospital.

    Second, said Irfan, increasing schools in the area. Because now the authority of Highschool is in the hands of the province. Then the third, make a boundary pillar of West Java Province with other provinces, so that the community will not be wrong in the region.

    Furthermore, the Head of the Regional Development Planning Board of West Java Province, Taufik BS, explained that the Pre-Regional Musrenbang was part of a series of Provincial Musrenbang which began from the Public Consultation Forum held on February 21, 2019. Then followed up with the implementation of the Regional Development Coordination Level policy (Kopdar).

    Where it was on March 4, 2019 then, a full day of the Governor of West Java with the Regents and mayors gathered to discuss the proposed activities and design of priority activities in 2020. Then the City District Musrenbang was held from March 6 to 21, 2019 and simultaneously devices the region also held a forum on regional apparatus in West Java Province in 2019. The pre-Musrenbang is currently held for 3 days, starting on March 18-20 2019.

    "With the details of the agenda, namely the first day of the group meeting for the development areas of Sukabumi and Purwasuka. Then, the second day was a session of the Bodebekpunjur and Ciayumajakuning development area groups. And the third day was a group meeting for the development area of the Bandung and East Priangan Pangandaran basins, "said Taufik.

    Through this forum there will be coordination and synergy of programs in the regional scope in 6 development areas and the Regional Development Technical Coordination Meeting (Rakortekbangda) which will be held on March 25-27 2019. Rakortekbang will discuss priority programs and activities resulting from previous discussions and as material to be discussed further and decided at the musrenbang which will be held on April 2, 2019.

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