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    The Role of Foresters is Very Important to Maintain Forest Ecosystems


    BANDUNG - West Java Regional Secretary (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa said since the forest register system and forest use agreement (TGHK), until the forest according to the spatial concept, there had been an evolution of forest areas of 147 million ha (around 1978-1999) to 134 million ha (1999-2009) and to 126 million ha (in 2009 to present).

    Secretary Iwa conveyed this when he was the Inspector of the 369th Anniversary of the Forestry Day of the West Java Province by reading a speech from the Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya on the Courtyard of Perhutani Regional Office of West Java, Monday (03/18/19 )

    "Data in 2014 showed that forest areas granted permits were 33.2 million ha from a total area of 126 million ha. The allocation of licenses to the private sector reached 32.74 million ha or 98.53% and to the public 1.35%, "he continued.

    "Then the data at the end of 2018 showed that during 2015-2018 there were recorded forest areas with permits covering an area of 6.49 million ha with a composition of 1.57 million ha of private licenses or 24.7% of licenses to the public 4.91 million ha or 75, 54%, "he said.

    Thus, said Iwa, there was an evolution of allocation from the beginning to the period until 2014 and in the period 2015-2018. At the end of 2018 there was a registered area of ??39.72 million ha of the total forest area of 126 million ha. Private licensing allocations covering 32.7 million ha (86.37%) decreased from 2014 (98.53%) and community permit areas covering 5.4 million ha or 13.49% increased from 2014 (1.35%) .

    So that in April 2018, the President of the Republic of Indonesia stressed that large-scale forest reclamation and rehabilitation will be carried out starting in 2019. National planting movements must be carried out throughout Indonesia. Tree rehabilitation and planting are oriented to saving lakes, rescuing dams / reservoirs, settlements.

    "As well as maintaining the beauty of nature as well as for expanding employment opportunities, providing community timber and various other economic benefits for community savings in the future. Reclamation and land rehabilitation were carried out in 15 watersheds (DAS), 15 lakes and upstream areas of the dam in as many as 65 locations, "said Iwa.

    So the role of Foresters is very important in preserving the environment. Especially to maintain, protect and enhance the ability of forest ecosystems. Because foresters are strong figures in identity, skill, perspective, thinking, solidarity and cooperation. Foresters are also strong and tough, strong and disciplined in work and never face the challenges of the field, survival.

    According to Iwa, it is appropriate at the Commemoration of Foresters' Day Celebration today to be a good opportunity to reflect, explore inspiration, motivation and various innovations in the work of the environment and forestry, wherever they are on duty.

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