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    This is Governor's Results Achieved During Visit Middle East


    BANDUNG-Friday night West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil arrived in West Java again after visiting several countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Monday (03/18/2019) The Governor immediately held a press conference in Pakuan Building. The Governor explained the results achieved during the visit.

    "The point is I went there to open and explore the possibility of attracting investment from the Middle East to West Java after the special Vice President's request to seek UIII development funds," he said.

    While in the Middle East and North Africa, Ridwan Kamil mentioned visiting three countries, namely Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Algeria.

    "In the UAE capital, Dubai, I explore the possibility of opening coffee shops, whose coffee will be specifically from West Java. And it turns out there are several merchant groups there also have shops in Indonesia, including in Bandung," he explained

    In addition, Emil also said, in Algeria he also reaffirmed the Sister Province program which had been initiated since the previous Governor's era.

    "For the sister province problem, I actually reaffirmed the program that Kang Aher had started first, and now it will be further developed," he said. (Even)

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