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    Governor Will Form West Java Diplomacy Team


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil will form the West Java diplomacy team which is tasked as an agent of cooperation with foreign parties. This team will consist of diplomats or former Indonesian ambassadors from West Java.

    "They will connect the door to foreign cooperation and introduce West Java," said Emil, the Governor's greeting, at the official residence of the Bandung Pakuan Building on Monday (03/18/19).

    Emil said that his party had communicated with Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Mashudi regarding the formation of the team and received a positive response. Regarding the names and number of members currently still being formulated.

    "I have asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the response is good, the number is Minister and I still calculate it. The program has not yet been named, whether or not the West Java Ambassador or West Java diplomacy team has decided yet," he explained.

    Emil wants a West Java diplomacy strengthening program. So the team he formed will be drawn into a system so that the needs of the capacity not owned by the Civil Servant can be filled by the former diplomats.

    "This team will be institutionalized so that it is transparent, clearly the name and duties," Emil said.

    At present, Provincial Government is currently implementing 3.0 bureaucracy or dynamic bureaucracy, where the government is a development accelerator not an operator. So development is not only done by the government but works with other parties or penta helix.

    "With this 3.0 bureaucracy, we embrace elements of society that are considered to be able to bring usefulness to the government system, for example the West Java diplomacy program or the Government Acceleration Team (TAP)," he explained.

    Bureaucracy 2.0 or performance bureaucracy, namely reward punishment, has now been abandoned by governments in various countries. This bureaucracy still considers the development business as still a matter for the bureaucracy or as if the development progress must be carried out by the agency.

    "Well 3.0 bureaucracy is not like that," Emil said.

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