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    Praying for Victims of Terrorism in New Zealand, West Java Provincial Government Holds Unseen Prayers


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil along with the entire Regional Secretariat Civil Servant of the West Java Provincial Government held the Ghaib Prayer to pray for Muslims who were victims of terrorism in New Zealand some time ago. The Ghaib prayer was led directly by West Java MUI chairman Rahmat Syafei at Al Muttaqin Mosque Gedung Sate after performing the Asr prayer on Monday (03/18/2019).

    In his tausiyah, Rahmat Syafei said that Muslims in Indonesia, especially in West Java, strongly condemned the terror that killed Muslims in New Zealand during Friday Prayers. In addition to expressing condolences through speech, according to him there is a better way and is recommended that is to worship.

    "The ghaib prayer is to pronounce the one that is not in front of the person who is worshiping. Today thank God we pray for them the deceased with ghaib prayer, may Allah SWT make good with our prayers," said Rahmat.

    He said the community must believe that in Islamic teachings there will be life after death. For this reason, the community must prepare their provisions in the world, such as the victims in New Zealand who they believe are martyrdom and will go to heaven.

    "The incident that befell our brothers in New Zealand must be a big lesson," he concluded.

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