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    West Java Provincial Government Welcomed the Presence of Pikiran Rakyat Television


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province welcomes the presence of the People's Mind Television or PR TV. The inauguration of the digital-based television was carried out by Vice President Jusuf Kalla along with Social Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, and President Commissioner of PR TV Witjaksono at Bidakara Hotel Grand Savoy Homann, Bandung, Sunday (03/17/19 )

    "Information is very much needed by the community. Therefore, on behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, we welcome the presence of PR TV. Not only welcome but also want to cooperate in implementing government programs," Uu said in his speech.

    Furthermore, Uu said that the media has a role in conveying complete information to the public. Especially related to government programs that need to be known by the public.

    "Because today's leader must be able to communicate well with the community, meaning that the government program reaches the community perfectly, not piecemeal. Likewise the wishes and hopes of the people reach us as government are not bits and pieces," Uu said.

    For this reason, Uu hopes that Pikiran Rakyat as the pioneer of the birth of the media in West Java is able to provide good information, as well as a source of knowledge for the people of West Java. In addition, it can be a unifying media and providing the right information.

    "Congratulations on the inauguration of PR TV. Hopefully our PR media is present in West Java and a pioneer in West Java because the birth was earlier, able to provide good information, able to provide useful knowledge for the community," hoped Uu.

    "Being a united media for the people of West Java in particular and also becoming a true information media that reaches the community, is not a media for our divisions today," he added.

    On this occasion, in his remarks, Vice President Jusuf Kalla conveyed that in the realm of democracy the media are currently developing freely. However, only the media are objective, independent, and able to convey accurate information that is read or liked by the public.

    "That's the thinking that is part of the media today," said the Vice President.

    Changes in the flow of technology, especially Information Technology currently have an impact on the development of the media. The Vice President said, there was a pattern of changes in society in seeking information, where technology plays an important role in facilitating people's access to information.

    "Therefore, the establishment or development of Pikiran Rakyat TV is a necessity due to the development of technology and interest or views of the people themselves," said the Vice President.

    "So this TV can meet the needs (information) of the people that exist today, so that it becomes our effort to expand (information)," he continued.

    Meanwhile, PR TV Commissioner Witjaksono claimed that the system owned by PR TV was the first in Indonesia. Interactive streaming applications are made different from the existing television streaming systems.

    "God willing, the Pikiran Rakyat TV will be one television that is basic, IT TV and interactive streaming that we can claim that we are the most different in all of Indonesia. And we claim that this is the first time in Indonesia with a system that we have," explained Witjaksono .

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