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    The Vice President Inaugurated PR Digital TV


    BANDUNG - Located at Savoy Homan hotel, Vice President Jusuf Kalla inaugurated Pikiran Rakyat latest product, Digital Streaming Television. Present at the inauguration were Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum and officials of Pikiran Rakyat.

    Vice President Jusuf Kalla said based on the survey, the millennial young generation hardly read newspapers, but saw television and gadgets.

    "So now we are no longer looking for news, but now the news is looking for us," he said.

    The Vice President also stated that every year there are many features or applications related to IT. This speed certainly changes lifestyle, for example in the world of media.

    So that currently according to him, the mass media is currently enjoying fearless freedom to be banned or dissolved by the government.

    "But now in our democracy, the media is developing freely, well, as long as he is objective, can provide information that is independent, good and right," he added.

    However, he reminded all media players in the country to be objective and impartial because the mass media played an important role in changing the social behavior of the community.

    "One of the main requirements of all media is objectivity, why? Because once the media takes sides, people will not see. The media will change people's behavior, thoughts and views," he said.

    Besides objectivity, mass media must also prioritize the principle of speed in presenting news information to the public. Especially with the development of information technology today, the public's need for news is faster than in the past. jo

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