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    One year, Gedung Sate Museum Successfully is Visited More Than 140 Thousand Visitors


    BANDUNG - The Gedung Sate Museum celebrates its first anniversary titled Museum Festivities (Muvies) in the Gedung Sate Bandung area, Friday (03/15/2019). Muvies was officially opened by the West Java Regional Secretary (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa, at night. During the year since it was inaugurated on December 8, 2017, the Gedung Sate Museum has been visited by 148,143 visitors.

    This achievement, according to Iwa, is the influence of the smart museum concept that adjusts museum content in accordance with the demands of the times, and the needs of the younger generation with a contemporary approach. This concept not only exhibits informative collections, but also puts forward the use of advanced technological advancements.

    "Not only does it have an informative collection, but it is also visually strong and promotes technological progress. "There is also a library with a collection of historical books and West Java coffee galleries as a whole," said Iwa in his speech.

    "Thank God, with this novelty, the Satay Building Museum has been visited by more than 140,000 visitors in its first year," he continued.

    Furthermore, the Regional Secretary Iwa hoped the presence of the museum could increase people's reading interest. This, he said, considering the results of the most littered nation in the world survey in 2016 showed that Indonesia's position was almost underdeveloped, namely 60th position from 61 countries surveyed, among Thailand in 59th position and Botswana in the 61st youngest position .

    "In particular, I hope museums can become a source of inspiration for the younger generation to improve their reading culture. This is important considering the level of interest in reading our society is very low, "concluded Iwa.

    Secretary Iwa added, to boost reading interest through museums, the use of the latest technology is one of the main prerequisites that need to be considered for all museum managers. Thus, information can be more easily understood by the current millennial generation.

    "By prioritizing information that is visual in nature, it will be more interesting and easy to understand among the younger generation, especially millennials and generation Z," said Iwa.

    Based on the report of the Head of the General Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province, Iip Hidajat, Muvies will be held for two days, on March 15-16 2019, involving 48 museums in West Java to be introduced to a large audience. Iip also expressed his appreciation and prayer for the former Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau. Ruddy Gandakusumah as the initiator of the Gedung Sate Museum.

    "Even though it has passed away, the benefits of the deceased can be felt by many people," Iip said.

    Also present at the event, Deputy Mayor of Sukabumi, Deputy Regent of Sukabumi, Gusti Sultan Sepuh XIV, Regional Assistant III of West Java Province, Chair of West Java Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), Head of West Java Province Tourism and Culture Office, Head of Manpower and Transmigration Office West Java Province, Head of the West Java Province Sports and Youth Office, Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, Head of the Legal Bureau, and the heads of museums from all West Java.

    A total of 48 museums from all over West Java also opened in the backyard of Gedung Sate. In addition, on two days of the event (15-16 / 3/19) Muvies also held various games and competitions, such as coloring and drawing competitions, and live-action Ludo. Interestingly, on the two sides of the stage big screen there is an insert translator for deaf friends. Making Muvies friendly to deaf friends.

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