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    KAI Launched Helper Train Complete with IGD Facilities


    BANDUNG-Accelerated in providing services to the community is the main capital of a company engaged in the service sector to remain an option, including service if an extraordinary event occurs.

    The thing that was done by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) was launching the latest version of Helper Train which aims to make the evacuation process faster in the event of extraordinary extraordinary events (PLH).

    KAI President Director Edi Sukmoro said, this Helper Train consisted of 2 sets of each Helper 1 series which served to evacuate train facilities and one Helper Train 2 unit to evacuate passengers and train crews.

    "The predecessor version only serves to evacuate train facilities such as trains, carriages, and locomotives when there is a disruption in travel. While the latest is equipped with emergency facilities to evacuate passengers and officers who have been injured," he said.

    According to Edi, this latest Helper Train produced by KAI at Yogyakarta Yasa Hall with a value of Rp. 6 billion allows the evacuation process not only to focus on handling train travel disruptions, but also prioritizes the victims of the train or PLH accident.

    "KAI is trying to keep innovating, especially on the safety side of passengers and train crews. The presence of the latest Helper Train that can be used as an IGD is expected to increase time efficiency during the evacuation process," said Edi, after inaugurating the Helper Train, at Bandung Station, Friday 03).

    Another advantage of this latest Helper Train is that it has its own driving force because its manufacture uses the conversion method of the KRD (diesel rail train) so that the locomotive does not need to be pulled so that the time needed to reach the scene can be minimized.

    In detail, Helper 1 is a train containing tools for evacuating train facilities (trains, carriages, and locomotives) in the event of natural disasters such as landslides and extraordinary extraordinary events (PLH) such as plummeting, overturning, or other train accidents. The evacuation facilities included fire extinguishers (APAR), goods / glide ladders, people ladders, iron cutting welding tools, lever facilities and heavy equipment for the railway cases that dropped.

    While the facilities in the Helper Train room 2 which serve to evacuate victims include the medicine room, medical crew room, action room which functions as a place to perform medical actions such as minor surgery and so on, the resuscitation room (serves as a place to provide first aid to people who experience stop breathing), patient room, medical equipment warehouse, and toilet. The Helper Train is not separated in its operations, but when the evacuation process between Train Helper 1 and 2 can be separated. (Parno)

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