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    KCIC is targeted to be completed in 2021


    BANDUNG - The process of building the Chinese Indonesian Fast Train (KCIC) line from Jakarta to Tegaluar in Bandung Regency with a track length of 143 kilometers continues to be carried out.

    The West Java Provincial Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, hopes that the development of the KCIC which will cost IDR 81 trillion can be completed in July 2021.

    "Insha Allah, the Fast Train is finished in July 2021, so connectivity is a must," he said.

    According to Iwa, if the construction of KCIC is completed, it will be connected to the Bandung Raya Light Rail Transit (LRT), making it easier for people who use both modes of transportation if they are going to Bandung.

    "The Jakarta fast railroad to Tagaluar can be connected to the Bandung Raya LRT," said Iwan, after a discussion on the Progress and Timeline of the Trase Tegaluar-Bandung Station Railway Construction in Ciremai Room, Gedung Sate, Thursday (03/14).

    Iwa asserted, the construction of the LRT Bandung Raya will certainly use the Government Cooperation with Business Entity (PPP) scheme and use a business approach where the consortium is needed.

    "The construction of the LRT which will cost Rp. 4 to Rp. 5 trillion, the government will fund part of the project, while the rest will be funded by investors," he said. (Parno)

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