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    Netty Heryawan Stresses Importance of Nutrition Intake for Children


    BANDUNG-Malnutrition cases in the community like an iceberg phenomenon. As with cases of violence, if one case exposed then other cases would emerge.

    This was said by the Chairman of the PKK West Java Province Netty Heryawan as a guest speaker at the National Seminar on "The Importance of Food Fulfilment Animal Protein (meat, eggs, fish and milk) to Build the Health and Smart Generation in the Global Competitive located at Grand Prama Preanger Hotel on Wednesday (3/23/16).

    This is caused by parenting and feeding patterns of nutrient intake in children is not good for various reasons, such as poverty. Then the result, Indonesia is in a position 4th to body stunting and 5th positions to malnutrition.

    So the main thing as a step anticipated, is from a family itself. "Mother should be able to provide a balanced nutritional intake mainly in the first 1,000 days of life, which is closely related to good nutrition for brain intelligence of children in the golden age of 0-6 years," she said.

    Therefore, Netty said as PKK cadres should to continue provide counselling and educating the public. With increasing knowledge, improved skills and attitudes and can provide a good behaviour change in the community.

    "In this manner is expected to produce the next generation of superior and healthy in this era of globalisation," she concluded.

    The seminar was opened by the Deputy for Food and Agriculture Musdalifah Machmud in cooperation with the West Java Province Food Security Body (BKP). On this occasion, Netty provides material of The Role of the PKK in Improving Animal Food intake (meat, eggs, fish and milk) and Nutrition for Mother and Child.

    This seminar was also attended by Director of the Nutrition Society of the Public Health and the Ministry of Health Doddy Izwardi and Expert of the Indonesian Nutritionist Association (Persagi) Marudut Sitompul as a key speaker.


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