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    National Conference of SOEs Public Relations 2019: Rohan Hafas is Trusted to Lead the SOEs Public Relations Forum


    BANDUNG-SOEs PR Forum (FH BUMN) held a National Conference on FH BUMN on March 13, 2019 at Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, West Java.

    The event was opened with the 2019 FH BUMN National Conference, namely the election of the chairman of the FH BUMN for the period 2019-2021. The National Conference was chaired by Hambra, Deputy of Business Infrastructure in the Ministry of SOEs as well as senior advisors and consideration boards of the FH BUMN organization. In acclamation, Rohan Hafas, Corporate Secretary of Bank Mandiri was elected as Chair of the SOEs Public Relations Forum, replacing Ahmad

    In front of 300 Congress participants and the FH BUMN National Conference, Hambra expressed his pride in his remarks, that the SOEs Public Relations Forum was so responsive in answering the problems that public relations had faced in the era of big data technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

    This is evidenced by the theme raised "The Future of PR: Facing the Challenges of Public Relations in the Future". "I hope that the information shared in our events can be an inspiration and knowledge for public relations personnel, especially SOEs public relations in facing global challenges in the Digital Age," he said.

    Hambra also congratulated the general chair of the newly elected SOEs Public Relations Forum. "I hope for the future, the Public Relations Forum will spearhead the Ministry of SOEs in publishing everything that has been done by SOEs for the community and vice versa, informing what people expect from existing SOEs," he added.

    SOEs Public Relations Forum, according to Hambra, must be an extension of the SOEs Ministry in helping to counter negative news about SOEs.

    The PR Forum must even be able to influence public opinion through its public relations programs and strategies, so that a community mindset is developed that SOEs are present for the country and truly exist for the community.

    About the SOEs Public Relations Forum (FH)

    Established on April 18, 2007, FH BUMN is an entire professional public relations organization of state-owned enterprises and subsidiaries formed to realize competent and dedicated public relations officials in the SOE environment. In addition, FH BUMN can also be a means of communication, coordination and consultation to improve the performance and professionalism of SOEs public relations personnel. Have a vision to be the spearhead in building the image and reputation of SOEs as a Business Entity that has strong value and competitiveness, SOEs Public Relations Forum has

    mission as follows:

    1. Make efforts to improve the image and reputation of SOEs in supporting the performance of SOEs.
    2. Increasing the professionalism of work units and / or officials who handle public relations functions.
    3. Doing business that can increase the role of BUMN in society
    4. Uphold the values of honesty, tenacity, solidity and ethics.

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