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    West Java Provincial Government Held FGD Hoax


    BANDUNG-News and information that is not necessarily the truth (hoax) currently circulating in a number of media, especially social media to cause hostility between individuals, family groups to groups.

    To deal with these problems and how to counter them, the West Java Provincial Government held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme "Overcoming Post-Truth Political Risk to Maintain the Stability of National Security in the Framework of National Resilience".

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa in his speech said that hoaxes or hoaxes were very alarming, leading to someone's mistrust of other individuals and other parties.

    "Hoax news makes us hostile to each other, so we have to ward it off in various ways including providing understanding to the community," said Iwa, when opening the FGD at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (03/13).

    A number of speakers who filled out the FGD included Hermansyah as Head of the West Java Provincial Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, Head of the Communication and Information Agency (Diskominfo) of West Java Provincial Government, Setiaji and Tjetje Hidayat Padmadinata who were West Java Cultural Leaders.

    While as a substitute for the FGD, Dani Ramdan (Head of the West Sumatra Regional Government Administration and Collaboration Bureau, Cecep Darmawan (UPI Faculty of Political Sciences Lecturer), Asep Warlan Yusuf (Parahyangan University Professor) and Emma Kusumah (Head of West Java Provincial Administration). (Parno )

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