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    Construction of the Phase I UIII Campus Will Begin This Year


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary of West Java Province (West Java Regional Secretary), Iwa Karniwa, disclosed the Progress of the Development of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII), in its Work Room, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (03/12/19).

    According to him, his party has formed an Integrated Team for Pambangunan Islamic International University (UIII) Social Impact Management, and currently continues to coordinate with various parties for the sake of accelerating development.

    Iwa continued, this team included data collection on arable / cultivator fields for the construction of 366 Phase I campuses. "The Integrated Team has also appointed the Office of Public Appraisal Services (KJPP) / Apraisal Team to calculate the amount of compensation funds for cultivators who fulfill the requirements," said Iwa.

    Then, he continued, the results of the KJPP assessment were submitted to the Chair of the Integrated Team for discussion to prepare recommendations to the Governor of West Java, before being determined by the Governor through a Decree on List of Beneficiary Fund Recipients. Then the Ministry of Religion immediately carries out payments and compensation to citizens who are entitled to receive according to the Governor's Decree.

    The process of continuing data collection for cultivators / occupants of the land as a whole is still carried out by the Cisalak Village Head and Sukmajaya Sub-District Head, until the land control process is completed around July 2019.

    Regarding the Construction of Campus 1 of UIII Phase 1 (2018-2020), construction has been carried out since the beginning of November 2018, and is divided into 3 packages.

    In Package 1, the development includes the gadung rectorate, faculty building 1, and the 3 pillar area.

    Package 2, which is the construction of five lecturer housing units, student dormitories, and renovation of the MEP Building (exs RRI). The Package 3 is the construction of a perimeter fence and infrastructure for the campus of Phase I.

    Regarding the budget, Iwa mentions that Phase I physical development uses 2 budgets, namely in 2018 using funds from the State General Treasurer Budget Agency (BABUN), from a budget allocation of Rp.584 billion, with realization of only Rp110 billion. Even for 2019-2020, the Ministry of Religion's DIPA funds are IDR 507 billion.

    Meanwhile, funds have been allocated in the DIPA of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing for Budget Year 2019 for the construction of the Campus of IDR 820,255,968,000 with details of utilization for the construction of the Campus Mosque IDR 87,036,907,000, construction of the Library Rp. 000.

    "However, the direction of the Vice President is needed to the Minister of PUPR so that the DIPA can be implemented, as well as coordination with the Minister of Religion," said Iwa.

    Previously, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil conveyed the certainty of the First Phase of UIII Campus Development in Cimanggis, Depok City starting this year. it was obtained after his meeting with the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia and various other relevant parties regarding the development of the UIII Campus in the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia on Tuesday (4/3/19) last week.

    "This year the Phase I (development) process has begun, the next stage will be a combination of the State Budget and my plan to go to the Middle East to request (funding)," Emil said.

    "I got an order from the Vice President to look for development donors for UIII. Funds from the state budget are only one-third, two thirds are expected - for example, building one from this country, because this is international, "Emil said.

    For this reason, Emil and his entourage departed from their homeland on Wednesday, March 5, 2019, to conduct a week-long overseas tour to three countries in the Middle East, namely Al Jazair, United Arab Emirates, and Morocco. In the series of work visits, he took the opportunity to request funding for the construction of the UIII Campus.

    This UIII campus is expected to be a center of study or research on world-level Islamic civilization in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is known as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. In addition, the campus is also expected to be the center of Islamic civilization, the center of Islamic strategic studies, the center of Islamic studies, as well as museums of Islamic art and culture that will become the center of Islamic artifacts and manuscripts in Indonesia.

    "Then this goal is so that foreign, international people can someday also study in West Java and in Indonesia. Of course we need an international standard place, "Emil said.

    "If it is smooth one stage, next year it will accept students from international level for S-2 and S-3 only, so there will be no bachelor (S-1)," he continued.

    The UIII campus will be built on an area of ??142.5 hectares. Where 30% of the land will be filled with buildings and the other 70% will be green land for the protection of environmentally friendly flora and fauna, so that it will become a place of recreation for campus residents and surrounding residents.

    This campus will have seven faculties, namely: Faculty Islamic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Architecture and Art. The first year of UIII will open three study programs, namely Islamic Studies, Political Science, and Education.

    The construction of the UIII Campus has been proclaimed by President Jokowi two years ago through Presidential Regulation Number 57 of 2016 concerning the Establishment of the Indonesian International Islamic University. This commitment was strengthened with the status of PTNBH which will be directly pinned on UIII. In addition, this campus project is the only campus development that is included in the National Strategic Project (PSN) program in the field of education.

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