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    West Java-Setif Cooperation Increased To A More Technical Level


    SETIF-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and Governor Setif, Algeria, Nacher Maskri, agreed to increase cooperation relations between the two regions to a technical level. Good political relations between Indonesia-Algeria so far, is believed to be a strong foundation in applying the next partnership program.

    In a dinner held at the residence of Governor Setif to entertain the visit of the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil and Nacher Maskri, Sunday (03/10/19) local time, both of them hoped and believed that the cooperation that was established would benefit both parties.

    "West Java has a variety of world-class commodities that can be offered to meet Algerian needs. Coffee and tea are excellent products that have been well received by the international market. Various manufacturing production is also ready to fill the Algerian market and surrounding areas," said Emil - Ridwan's nickname Kamil.

    On that occasion, invited Algerian businessmen to explore the possibility of opening business contacts further in West Java.

    "We have the potential of the region already and will be developed as centers of economic activity, manufacturing, agro-industry, tourism and various other business activities," said Emil, who at that time was also accompanied by the Chairman of the West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tatan Pria Sudjana.

    Emil said cooperation with Algeria, Morocco and other Middle East regions was an effort to balance trade with the East Asia region like China, Japan and Korea.

    Emil also offers various applications in the smart city context to Setif and other cities in Algeria.

    The passion of the Asia Africa Conference

    Meanwhile, Governor Nacher Maskri welcomed Ridwan Kamil's business offer and hoped to be followed up with technical steps.

    "We, Algerians, have great respect for Indonesia, especially Bandung, because from that city the spirit of our nation and other nations emerged for independence," Maskri said, referring to the 1955 Asian-African Conference (KAA) which was seen as the basis for the Algerian revival.

    "From that history, we believe that this collaboration will work well and be able to improve prosperity through economic and cultural development," Maskri said.

    Governor Setif also expressed interest in the smart city system and hoped there would be further discussion in more detail.

    In addition to economics and technology, cultural and educational cooperation, especially universities and research, are also expected, because Setif is also well-known as an education area with famous campuses and around 70,000 students.

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